Planning your wedding is a very exciting - and a complicated exercise. At St Mary's we do everything we can to make planning a church wedding as simple as possible. Answering some basic questions will help you on your way.

How do I make the first contact? Right at the outset - when you are beginning to make your first plans - telephone the Parish Office (01689 842167) or send us an email below. You will be able to talk to the Parish Secretary about the availability of dates. She will ask you some questions:

  • Do you live in the parish? You need to live with in the Parish boundaries, or have a qualifying family connection, or have been baptised at here to get married at St Mary's - if you are not sure whether you do, the Secretary will help you to check.
  • Have you been married before, and if so is your former partner still alive? If this is the case it is usually possible to get married at St Mary's, but you would need to make an early appointment with the Vicar to talk things through.
  • Are you a British Citizen? If you or your partner are not British Citizens, another procedure will need to be followed and you will need to speak to the Vicar as soon as possible to check whether it will be possible to be married here.
  • How old are you? You need to be at least 16, and until you are 18 you need parental consent.

Once all these questions are answered, a date can be pencilled in the church diary and you will be asked to confirm your details in writing and to send a nonrefundable deposit for £100 made to 'PCC of St Mary Addington Fee Account'.

What happens then? Much nearer to your wedding date, you will need to meet with the Vicar or the Curate, and to complete the paperwork so that the Banns can be called. You will need to bring your passports and a utility bill to that meeting. At that meeting the dates for the Banns to be called will be agreed.The Banns are called in church at the beginning of the 9.30am Sunday Service - so be there in plenty of time! Other dates will be made for preparation and for the rehearsal. One meeting may be held in your own home - the rehearsal will be just before the wedding, in church.

Why all these meetings? It may seem like a lot, but it is important to understand the meaning of Christian marriage, and this will be the focus of our discussions. And there are practical things, too - you will need to choose hymns (usually 2) a Bible reading, and to think about music.And the costs will be clarified - although you will be given an indication of costs when you make your first call to the office. Fees need to be paid at least six weeks in advance: cheques should be made payable to 'PCC of St Mary Addington Fee Account'

And on the day? By the time the 'Big Day' comes, we hope that you will feel confident about everything and that the church ceremony will be a meaningful start to your married life together. Congratulations!

What if we were married by a civil ceremony - can we have a blessing? Yes you can! But the two things have to be completely separate, and are often on another day. You should bring proof that you have been married. And remember… the bride doesn't walk down the aisle on her father's arm - as a married woman she will come in to the church with her husband. Ceremonies like this can be very simple indeed, or you can have a bigger church service with hymns.

And renewing wedding vows? It is often the case now that people like to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary with a renewal of wedding vows, and this can be arranged. Again, the ceremony can be quite simple, or more complicated according to your wishes - you may want to sing those wonderful wedding hymns all over again!

The first contact for blessings and renewals of vows should be made in the first instance with the Parish Office. Fees will depend on the nature of the service required. 


Wedding Pack (pdf)


Marriage Application (pdf)


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