Light Party - Friday 3 November, 6pm

A Halloween Alternative

There will be games, music, party food, a bonfire and most of all... fun! 

Much of Halloween’s history is Christian. The name itself – shortened from All Hallows’ Eve – makes the link between Halloween and All Hallows very clear. From a Christian perspective, Halloween is the first chapter in the story that ends with All Saints’ Day. At Halloween, we confront our fear of death and darkness.

Children will do what they always do when working out the big issues of life: play. At Halloween, we unpack all the standard bogeymen of childhood fairy tales – witches, ghosts, skeletons and vampires – and confront them. We acknowledge that, yes, evil exists and the world is scary and dangerous, and, yes, someday we will all die. And then, on All Saints’ Day, we hear the second half of the story – that death is not the end, that on the other side of fear is victory and that we do not become ghosts or skeletons when we die but spend eternity with Jesus, with new life stronger than death.

A child dressing up as a witch doesn’t mean that they are interested in the occult. They are simply working out, through play, what good and evil are, and how to gain control of their own good and evil impulses. Think about when you’ve worked with children – have you ever seen a pretend game where the good guys lose? If a group of children act out the story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the child who plays the White Witch will more often than not rejoice with the others at Aslan’s victory!

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